Upon submitting your payment you are agreeing to the following policies and procedures. Please reach out to Profesh Cookies PRIOR to submitting your payment if you do not agree with any/all of the following policies and procedures or if you have questions regarding the policies and procedures as outlined below.



Unless otherwise specified, 100% payment is required to reserve your order. Payment is accepted via Venmo to: ProfeshCookies, OR I can email you a payable invoice through my webiste. If your organization requires payment via check, please email me at profeshcookies@gmail.com


Pickup will be at the agreed upon day and time in Camarillo, CA - exact address will be provided once payment is received. Your order will be placed on my pick up table at the agreed upon pick up window. Should something arise that prevents you from picking up at the agreed upon time, please let me know ASAP so other arrangements can be made. Orders that have not been collected within 1 hour of the agreed upon pick up time may be re-sold at the discretion of Profesh Cookies. No refund will be issued for orders that are not collected at the agreed upon time.



If you choose to pick up your order, packaging and directions on how to properly transport and handle your products will be provided. Once you leave the premises of Profesh Cookies with the product, you are accepting the product as is. Profesh Cookies is not responsible for any damage that may occur after you leave the premises.


Profesh Cookies is not responsible for damage to orders if your pick up is not collected at the designated time and outside of the window specified above. 



Please not that once an order is placed and payment is made, preparation begins on the design, ingredients and supplies for your order. Should an emergency occur on the part of Profesh Cookies in which your order cannot be completed you will be refunded in full any payment or retainer made. Profesh Cookies will notify you as soon as possible should this occur. 



Changes to an order are done solely at the discretion of Profesh Cookies and depend on the ability and time available to make changes. No changes will be accommodated within the 48 hour window prior to pick up. 



While Profesh Cookies follows all applicable guidelines for avoiding cross contamination in the kitchen, I cannot ensure that your order will not come into contact with common kitchen allergens which may include Burt at not limited to: eggs, nuts, soy, peanuts, milk, wheat, fish, and/or shellfish. Please notify Profesh Cookies of all allergies before submitting payment for your order so that we may discuss whether or not your allergy needs can be accommodated. You are responsible for notifying all consumers of your order (all people at a party, for example) the potential for all products to contain common allergens. Profesh Cookies is not liable for any allergic reactions that may occur. 



All images on this site and on my social media are property of Profesh Cookies and are not to be used without expressed written permission.